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Hoy en dia hacer ejercicio se ha vuelto una forma de vida, muchas mujeres de tallas extras han apostado por mover sus curvas para mejorar su estilo de vida. Ser una mujer de talla extra no es un impedimento para hacer lo que queramos incluso cualquier tipo de ejercicio. En Instagram hay varias cuentas que valen la pena seguir para obtener mayor inspiración para mejorar nuestro estilo de vida.

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I decided to start lifting this year. The hardest part has been getting over my fear of being in the free weights area- I always kinda feel like I’m gonna get in trouble for something. I go slow as fuck and fret over every movement. I use a weight that feels relatively light and I obsessively watch my form. I read a few pages of “Starting Strength” every time I’m on the toilet. Looking at myself so obsessively is sketchy as hell. Frankly, I understand how it could make someone really unhappy with their body in the long run. But for me, at this particular juncture in my life....that part of the process is kinda lit. Because....I recently started thinking I’m fine as hell. Wow. How strange to write it down. And I don’t mean it in an “I’m going to say this shit every day until I believe it” kind of way. It’s more like “If I saw myself walking down the street, I would definitely creep from a distance” kind of way. I feel guilty writing all of that down. Almost ashamed. Isn’t arrogance to be avoided? Haven’t I been drinking that Kool-aid my whole life? But isn’t wanting to fuck yourself better than hating yourself? And honestly- isn’t that one of the goals of “#bodypositivity”? I don’t know. I don’t think I ever thought I would feel this way. Maybe I won’t always feel this way. That’s ok, too. #yoga + #lifting Also, I love @planetfitness. Even though I got in trouble for wearing my @fatgirlflow “Fat Bitch” sweatshirt one time. It’s cool, I get it- I’ll wear my profane clothing elsewhere. 😎
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