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Una Diosa del Amor Propio

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Navegando por la cuenta de bodyposipanda en Instagram me encontré con la novedad que había tenido una participación en una sesión de fotos MARAVILLOSA con lo fotógrafa Linda Blacker junto a las bellas Grace f Victory y Enamasiama
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Ashley Graham es la nueva imagen de Revlon


Me fascinan las sesiones de fotos llenas de color y actitud positiva para demostrar que las mujeres son hermosas sin importar la talla de su cuerpo. 

The Goddesses of Self Love by @LindaBlacker starring @Bodyposipanda @Gracefvictory & @Enamasiama I wanted to create a special Valentines Fairytale today, to remind you that loving yourself is the greatest love of all. In the comments, I want you to write something you LOVE about YOURSELF and please do tag a friend and ask them to do the same. <3 Be sure to read the Fairytale story below and follow my Instagram to see more of my work. Thank you to the truly inspirational ladies Grace, Megan & Enam for blessing this shoot with their beauty- it was amazing to work with you! Huge thank you to @Ashleighmua who created the stunning make up looks as always! <3 The Story There, within the golden heavens, three Goddesses dwelled. They sat, limbs intertwined as glorious, full rolls of soft flesh tickled each others skin. There was a warmth that spread between them like wild fire, bathing them all in a triumphant light. But as they lowered their gaze to the earth below, a deep sadness tugged heavily upon their hearts. For the humans lived differently, bound by a society that dictated what beauty was and who could claim it. They watched as humans, young and old, tore themselves apart from within. Scrutinising their tummies, thighs and arms, believing that the more flesh they had on their bones, the less beautiful they were. They observed the humans who saw themselves as ugly, because of their dimples, their scars, spots, disabilities and even the colour of their skin, and the Goddesses' hearts ached. The Divine Beings began to weep, their tears pouring down to the earth as rain. But as the tears fell, something changed. The rain that poured over humanity held magic within and it began to pass from the Goddesses to the humans. The powerful feeling of self love finally touched a mortals heart. And now, beneath the Goddesses gaze, self love passed from one human to another and spread across the globe. As the Goddesses dried their eyes and leaned into each other once more, they smiled. Humanity still has a great way to go before it understands true beauty, but it is clear that the humans journey to Self Love has finally begun. #selflove #bodypositive
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Mantras sobre Body Positive

 Gracias por leerme y por favor no olviden compartir está entrada para hacer llegar la idea de que somos todas podemos ser hermosas con la actitud correcta.

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