Yoga en la Nieve con @GypsyYogaLove

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En la red hay uno tendencia de practicar yoga en la nieve ¿Enserio? En Instagram hay varios influencers y bloggers que se han aventado a practicar está fría actividad. @GypsyYogaLove se ha diferenciado por practicar está actividad en la nieve y lucir sus curvas de una forma muy ¡GENIAL!

“The spiritual lands of Wild Women have, throughout history, been plundered or burnt, dens bull-dozed, and natural cycles forces into unnatural rhythms to please others” A sentence in the first paragraph in Women Who Run With The Wolves that struck my heart. We are constantly being forced to please others and think of ourselves last or not at all. It’s conditioned into us that everyone else should come first. Our happiness isn’t as important. Our desires, our soul, our mental state, our desire to be free and reconnect with nature around us, isn’t warranted. But it is. It so very much is. Our sanity should be the top priority. The feeling you get when you are at the heart of nature is this calling. To rejoin the wild. The peace and serenity. Feeling your heart rejoice. _ _ _ Wearing all @aloyoga #wildwomen #aloyoga #beagoddess #loveyourself #loveyourbody
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Me encanta la idea de ver cada día más a las mujeres de tallas extras realizando actividades geniales, tal cómo lo hace una mujer de talla "normal" pero sin pena alguna de lucir sus curvas.

The first time his hand laid on me. I thought it was an honest accident. I was in my teens and just didn’t realize the black hole I was falling into. The second time I thought it was because I was truly in the wrong. The third time I started to wonder, and that made it even worse. The final straw that woke me was when he scared my leg. I was broken on the inside. I already had trust issues, this made it so everyone was the enemy. Who was actually out there to help me? And who was like him, pretending and then shown his true face when I finally trusted. _ That kind of thing is hard to come back from. Hard to trust again. Hard to feel comfortable. Analyzing each situation, determining if this new person is going to turn into what he did. _ I lived in fear for quite some time. It takes me years to trust someone now. But I learned so much from all that. I will never get put in that situation again. _ #aloyoga #beagoddess #standingsplit #snowga #gypsy #loveandalliscoming #yogapractice #yogajournal
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No olvides difundir está entrada para hacer más grande el ejemplo de que una mujer puede hacer lo que quiera con el simple hecho de que se lo proponga. ¡Lindo inicio de esté 2018!

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